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gay_icons's Journal

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Icons On the Other Side of the Rainbow
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Welcome to the LJ Gay Icons Community

This community is for icons that are gay or have a gay based theme. Please feel free to post boys kissing boys, girls kissing girls, slash, yaoi, yuri, queer as folk, will & grace etc....

Rules (now you know we gotta have rules) ;)

*Since we may have younger viewers and older people that may view this community on their friends page during school or at work I request that any and all nudity be put behind the LJ cut. I love seeing nude boy/boy or for that matter nude girl/girl but if it's behind the cut we can all view it at our own discretion. That said as I have said before please feel free to post away.

*Request are allowed but this community is mostly to post your own creations.
*You may promote your icon journal as long as you are posting icons in this community.

Not Allowed:
*Please don't lurk, if you join this community please post some icons every once in awhile.
*Please don't steal icons and claim them as your own. Take, tell, credit, share, and above all please have some fun ;)

*Please use the LJ-cut code if you post more than 3 icons for a faster loading page. The LJ Cut Faqs
*If you have an icon journal and want to be added to the User Icon Pages below please email me :)

User Icon Pages:

Communities of Interest
*If you would like your community added please email me at mydarklife@mydarklife.net*

All this goodness brought to you by your community moderator clubgirl4u

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UJournal Gay Icons Community
Dead Journal Gay Icons Community
Caleida Journal Gay Icons Community

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